Sun protection kit - skin defense cream + post exposure balm + Luxe toilet tas

€145 €190,45

The skin defence DNA protective cream prevents damage to the DNA of the cells in order to prevent premature skin ageing, skin irritation and skin inflammation. Both pollution and sun damage lead to premature skin ageing. UVA- and UVB-rays penetrate the skin and directly reach the cells and their DNA.

The Skin defense DNA recovering balm is a fresh, non-greasy and fast-absorbing balm containing mint extract, which has an immediate cooling effect, refreshing and soothing the skin after sunbathing. Restores the natural moisture balance of sun-stressed skin and helps to slow down the shedding of skin.

The Skin Defence DNA Emergency Lipstick SPF 30 is a fragrance- and paraben-free stick that prevents dryness. Specially formulated for sunny, cold and windy conditions, this stick helps protect your lips from the sun and provides intense hydration.

Normally: €162,40 - Now: €99 (for all 3 products)

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