here comes the sun

Enjoying the sun? Then don't forget to moisturise! Enjoy a promotional price on our skin protection sun products now.

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self care is not a luxury

it's a necessity

gemstone beauty roller Jade

Discover our skin superb bronzer

An organic tanning spray with natural ingredients. After only 3-4 hours, it creates a beautiful holiday tan that lasts for up to 7 days! In addition, the bronzer has a fresh mango fragrance and is organic, safe, non-sticky and quick-drying.

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Water on earth is scarce

1 oolaboo product sold equals 1 litre of clean drinking water

This is why Oolaboo has launched the Aquam Servo Project. Read more here about how you can contribute.

I love you so matcha

our best seller

Ceremonial tranquil matcha tea 80 gr

Ceremonial tranquil matcha tea 80 gr


What is it?
A green matcha tea originating from Japan, packed with antioxidants.
Good for about 80 cups of tea.

What does it do?

Matcha tea has a calming effect, it is good for your memory and concentration. The tea gives you energy, your body burns calories and the tea detoxifies. Matcha tea also has a positive effect on strengthening your immune system.

Put 1 gram (½ teaspoon) of matcha in a shaker, pour on approx. 80 ml of water (80°C) and shake the tea for approx. 15 seconds until it becomes frothy.