What is it? 
The revolutionary OOOO-SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH by Oolaboo is an advanced hygienic and flexible silicone brush for the face. Thanks to its material, it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, water-resistant, light and easy to use.

What it does
The OOOO-SONIC goes beyond the standard facial cleansing brush to provide real skincare results that you and others will see. Enjoy a two-minute, gentle cleansing ritual twice daily and reveal a clean, brighter and more youthful appearance.Use the OOOO-SONIC along with your daily cleanser and/or exfoliating products to help remove impurities and dirt.Experience a genuine and deep clean with the OOOO-SONIC's unparalleled sonic technology. The sonic movements (3,000 - 6,000 small micro vibrations per minute) turn your cleanser into soft micro bubbles for an exceptionally clean feeling. Thanks to the sonic force, dead skin cells are gently removed from every part of the body, including the nose, pores are opened and make-up residues are removed.

The OOOO-SONIC also improves the absorption of your favourite Oolaboo skin improvement products. Use the OOO-SONIC, together with Oolaboo anti-ageing products, at a lower frequency to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This makes your skin look firm and lifted.
: Also ideal for men to use before shaving! The OOO-SONIC removes dead skin cells and cleanses clogged pores by removing dirt and sebum. This prepares the skin for a smoother, more comfortable shave that also helps prevent post-shave irritation.

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