gemstone beauty roller Amethist


What is it?
A gemstone beauty roller made of amethyst (from South Africa) in black pouch.

What does it do
Amethyst has a detoxifying and purifying effect on our skin. Ideal for tackling acne. Stimulates fibroblasts to collagen production. It is excellent for anti-ageing purposes and can help reduce scars or stretch marks. Amethyst is full of negative ions. These have a strong calming effect and are anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from pimples or other impurities, amethyst has a healing and soothing effect on them. The raw amethyst originates from South Africa.

for use
The rolling motion stimulates you a lot. This is how you get lymphatic drainage going, how your skin produces more collagen, how you improve blood circulation and how you remove toxins. The small side of the jade roller reduces dark circles and puffiness. Your skin tone and texture will be improved by rolling and massaging. Because you use the jade roller to give yourself a mini connective tissue massage every day, it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time. After use, clean the roller with a wet cloth. Let it air dry.

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